A Killjoy Survival Kit for the Secret Feminist Agenda

Inspired by an episode of one of the tools in my killjoy survival kit, the Secret Feminist Agenda podcast by Hannah McGregor, and by the brilliant feminist killjoy Sara Ahmed, I thought I’d share some tools in my feminist killjoy survival kit that help me slow down and recharge and bring me strength, courage, joy and hope. It seems like a few GLAMorous folks are struggling at the moment, so maybe some of these tools will help you or if not, this post might encourage you to make your own feminist killjoy survival kit.


Not surprisingly, my survival kit includes lots of books. Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan Coyote, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, Finding Nevo by Nevo Zisin are a few that I like to hold particularly close and revisit (and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them before!). Some newer books that I’ve been holding close to me lately are Paul Takes the Form of A Mortal Girl by Andrea Lawlor, Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg, Trans like me by cn lester and Growing Up Queer edited by Benjamin Law.



I had a really big weekend and week last week, so this long weekend, I really slowed down and pretty much just read the whole time and highly recommend it!

I also find going for coffees or tea with  fellow killjoys/friends and colleagues, as well as on my own with a notebook in hand helps me slow down, reflect, consolidate my thoughts, and recharge. A particular thank you to Michaela and Meg for our recent brunches.

I’m keen to try to make more time for writing and drawing… and perhaps even some physical strength building exercise.


Some podcasts I’ve been listening to in addition to Secret Feminist Agenda lately include:

Queer STEM History –  I have loved these relatively short episodes featuring different queer scientists from history. I have listened to the episode on Ben Barres about ten times in the past couple of weeks already and think I’ll be adding Ben Barres’ autobiography to my survival kit in the near future!

Transgender Warriors – weekly interviews with different trans and gender diverse folks – leading to lots of great book, film, music, organisation and art recommendations!

Archive Fever – A new podcast coming out of MPOW hosted by the excellent Yves Rees and Clare Wright. Check out the first episode for archival evidence of amorous librarians.

The Gayly Prophet – an intersectional, queer, feminist lens to the Harry Potter book series! this really is like the newspaper of my nerdiest dreams.


ALGA has taught me many things and one of them is how important humour has been in LGBTIQ+ and feminist histories. There are lots of examples of humour and clever puns in the archives, particularly the bisexual collection which I somehow bipassed earlier and only discovered recently! so many bi puns! There’s also often a lot of humour at our committee meetings which can make sometimes dry and dense content more lively.


I’ve written previously about puns in the workplace.


I don’t have my own pets (yet), but I have been dreaming about being adopted by a cat, and in the meantime, have other peoples’ pets in my life.


ALGA is a big part of my survival kit. Finding solidarity, community, hope and humour in the archives. It really helps to be part of and be able to retreat to an LGBTIQ+ community-led GLAM organisation.


I’ve been finding strength from sea and dinosaur themes in particular lately.

sea-themed LGBTQ ALMS outfitsdinosaurYou can find out a little more about the power of clothes and fashion in this video:

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