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On failure and experimentation (and learning from it)

A few years ago I worked on an elearning project with a great team of colleagues across all campuses (with lots of remote working via Zoom before everyone was doing it!) but a few things happened during it and other … Continue reading

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On gender euphoria, disrupting the gender binary, and not being invalid, undetermined or unspecified

My first thoughts when seeing the Invalid theme for GLAM blog club were very similar to the Transgressive Archivist’s ones in their excellent “Your Data Is Invalid: Collecting Data On Sex, Gender, And Sexuality” post and I have had a … Continue reading

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On slow librarianship and scholarship, union slow downs, and creatively and collectively resisting neoliberal time

I intended this to be a micro essay as part of this GLAM blog club challenge, but once I started writing on the theme of Lessen for GLAM blog club, I couldn’t stop… I guess words were one thing I … Continue reading

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GLAMorous Play in a Pandemic ~ Becoming you: an incomplete guide, Small Town Queer, and Adventures in Time and Gender

The GLAM blog club theme of Play makes me think of the new Becoming you: an incomplete guide exhibition at the Immigration Museum– my first physical GLAM experience since the pandemic hit. I spent a good two hours or so … Continue reading

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Micro Essays – GLAM blog club

Inspired by Nathan Sentance’s Aus GLAM blogs micro essay challenge, which was inspired by this month’s GLAM blog club theme ‘lessen’, I thought I’d try something similar. I’m not sure I’ll manage 11 posts in 11 days and I may … Continue reading

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Finding hope and trans support, solidarity and liberation in the archives

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, including She Who Must Not Be Named and a certain NTEU branch president and convenor of the NTEU queer unionists caucus have been quite vocal and I’ve found myself retreating to the Australian archival material most … Continue reading

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Queer career cocooning and reflections

Earlier this year, I volunteered to do a queer career profile for students at MPOW. Just before writing my responses I came across this queer and careed: practice career cacooning article about how this time of job uncertainty and anxiety … Continue reading

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Queerying performance and pedagogy, going feral, and introducing Reid Marginalia

I read and thought quite a lot about librarianship, particularly the teaching aspects, as a performance last year, and started the year by going to circus 101 performance workshops which included drag, and participating in feral queer camp at Midsumma. … Continue reading

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GLAMorous intersections: objects, ethics, and emotions

I first learnt about object-based learning (OBL) at a CRIG Seminar workshop facilitated by librarians from the University of Melbourne in 2016 and it made me realise I had already been kind of doing it and trying to do more … Continue reading

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Questions to consider when planning a party/referencing and navigating citational politics

As alluded to in previous blog posts and on twitter recently, I’ve been introducing citational politics into classes this year and, in the spirit of the GLAM blog club theme Questions, I thought I would share some questions I have … Continue reading

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